Drupefruit Shrubs

DRUPEFRUIT shrubs use raw, organic apple cider vinegar to preserve unique fruit essences and flavor combinations that you can use to make tangy drinks with. Shrub sodas, cocktails, mocktails, even vinaigrette’s are all common uses for shrubs. Simply add a couple flush or shrub to your sparkling water, booze, salad dressing, or whatever needs some flavor. Along with the health benefits from the living mother of the ACV, shrub mixers are a popular soda or alcohol alternative, being lower in sugar while still packing a zippy punch. DRUPEFRUIT loves using local, seasonal fruits like sour cherries, greengage plums, rhubarb or even hot peppers to color and flavor these sweet and sour mixers. DRUPEFRUIT is female owned-and-operated and started in SLC. Add on a shrub subscription to get unique, seasonal shrub flavors!

What You Get: Receive 5 different flavored shrubs, one every other week, for 10 weeks.

How You Get It: Shrubs will be picked-up from or delivered to your chosen location with your CSA share over the course of 10 weeks, from June – August.


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