Community Supported Agriculture is a pretty different way to think about getting your food, and we are happy to answer your questions!

Below are some of the most common ones that we hear, but call or email us if you have others not on this list or want to learn more!

  • CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In its simplest form, it’s a partnership between farmers and their local community where both parties share the benefits and support of sustainable, local agriculture.
  • CSA shareholders commit early in the year to buy our community farms harvest by purchasing a CSA “share”. Over the course of the growing season (June-Ocotber), CSA shareholders pick up their weekly share of the farm’s harvest and one of our pick-up hub locations or have it delivered.

Shareholders experience many benefits when choosing to subscribe to a local CSA:

  • High quality, fresh, nutritious food: CSA produce is often harvested within hours of pickup and delivery, meaning produce retains more nutritional value and stays fresher longer
  • A direct connection to farmers: Shareholders can directly ask us about our growing practices and what else is going on with the Farm.  
  • Introduction to new varieties: CSAs offer what is plentiful and in season, which is a great way to get introduced to new crops you might not have tasted otherwise
  • Join a community: Becoming a part of a CSA connects you to like minded consumers and allows you to participate in a more localized food system. 

CSA newsletters are sent out the day of pick-up/delivery, so you will have a couple hours notice! Since we are on nature’s schedule, it is difficult for us to provide more of a heads up. 

  • Try it a new way, and maybe you’ll like it this time!We provide recipes in the weekly newsletter to help make less familiar vegetables easier to use. Of course, maybe you won’t like certain vegetables on second taste, and that’s fine too!
  • We host a free community fridge on our farm located at 3188 S 1100 W, so if you know you really won’t use something we recommend donating it to the fridge! Its a great resource for anyone to donate what they can, and take what they need. 
  • As farmers, we want to work with YOU to make the CSA meet both our needs. As part of the conversation, we welcome member feedback throughout the season on crop preferences so that each year we can make the CSA work better for all parties!

Either a friend/family member/neighbor can come get your share on your behalf or we will donate the share to a local family in need. We cannot switch pickup dates or locations.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. In order to grow the produce that shareholders have committed to, we need to use the funds up front. If you have already purchased a share, all the produce we were planning on putting in your crate throughout the year has already been planted. Cancellations/refunds for CSA‘s have the ability to put us in sticky situations due to the seasonality of farming and therefore we do not issue any. In CSAs, Farmers and shareholders share in the rewards and risks!