A crate of fresh fruit for you every week! When you support our FruitBox program, you are also revitalizing urban spaces, preventing food waste, and feeding people in need.

How the Program Works

What you can expect.

For just $250, you can have the freshest fruit in your home every week for 12 weeks AND support a vital cause!

  • One milk crate full of a variety of hyper seasonal fruit every week for 12 weeks (July-September)
  • Includes a mix of apricots, cherries, apples, pears, plums, grapes, peaches, and, on occasion, seasonal herbs*


*This list is not exhaustive, as there may be varieties included or some from the list excluded as this depends on what is ripe and ready for harvest in the valley. Some weeks may include more fruit and some weeks less, we believe that the amounts will balance out. 

Pick Up Locations:
  • South Salt Lake Hub: Our Farm: 3188 S 1100 W
    • Tuesdays 12 – 7pm or
    • Wednesdays 8 am – noon
  • Sugarhouse Hub: Patagonia Outlet parking lot: 2292 Highland Drive
    • Tuesdays 5 – 7pm
  • Cottonwood Heights Hub: 2582 E Cavalier Drive
    • Thursdays 5 – 8 pm

Where does the fruit come from?

FruitShare: The fruit you will receive is harvested in our FruitShare program. This program actively works to reduce food waste while feeding those in need. We coordinate groups of volunteers to harvest previously unused trees in the Salt Lake Valley. The volunteers keep some, the homeowners keep some, and the majority is donated to local hunger relief efforts.


Why are we selling it? Our FruitBox and Canner’s CSA programs are a unique way for us to become more self-reliant as an organization. By purchasing a FruitBox, you are directly supporting this program.

Maile harvest pears
“My husband and I signed up for the FruitBox because we love fruit and it was an amazing deal, but we love the mission of the Green Urban Lunchbox even more! We knew that we were going to get more fruit than we could ever eat (and we totally did) but we divided the fruit in half and I took half of my share to work each week. We loved it and people at work went crazy for it! They would come to me and ask about what was next and when I would bring it in. My husband and I worked hard to preserve our share. We tried tons of new recipes and enjoyed fruit in so many new forms... sorbet, cakes, salads. I also learned a lot about local fruits. Even though it is November, I still have some apples left from our FruitBox and I plan to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you so much for this outstanding program! We absolutely loved it and look forward to future seasons of FriutBox.”
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Other Ways to Support This Program

Is FruitBox not for you?

We also offer a weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share which includes vegetables, greens, and herbs. Or perhaps you are looking for crates full of peaches and canning vegetables to preserve? Check out our Canner’s CSA.

Join the volunteer team!

We love our volunteers and would love to have you join us! There are many ways you can volunteer–from picking fruit to helping in a garden to sitting on a committee.