Join Our Community

Join our growing community of food justice activists, local food enthusiasts, gardeners, farmers, health care professionals, and folks who have interest in building a sustainable food system.

Members of GULB are part of a larger collective of investors who work together to build a local food system that is equitable and just for the health of our families, our community and our environment. Presently, the cost of food at the grocery store is 13% higher today than it was one year ago.  By becoming a member of the Green Urban Lunch Box, you directly support our four programs and collectively provide necessary funding for our one-of-a-kind services that feed our community.

In 2022, our Back-Farms Program and Small Farm Initiative grew 20,374 pounds of food in neglected urban spaces, and FruitShare rescued 30,457 pounds of fruit from the landfill.  Together, these programs distributed 50,831 pounds of fresh produce to build and strengthen our local food system. This food was distributed to people in our community, many of whom experience barriers to fresh and healthy food access. Support from our members goes a long way and we welcome you to join the growing food movement in our community today!