Free Farm Stands

Through the Back-Farms, Small Farm Initiative, and FruitShare programs, The Green Urban Lunch Box distributes free, fresh, locally grown produce at markets across the Salt Lake valley.

Senior Centers

When compared to other age demographics, seniors experience food insecurity at a disproportionate level. Check out our blog post for more information.

The Green Urban Lunch Box partners with Salt Lake County’s Aging and Adult Services, Utah State University Extension’s Master Gardeners Program, and Salt Lake County Jail’s Horticulture Program to host Free Farm Stands for seniors at local senior centers. We work together to address food insecurity and create access to healthy fresh food for senior citizens in our community by growing and distributing food to them through these markets.

Season Update

Free Farm Stands at senior centers will run from June to October 2022. See below for full season schedule.

Market Schedule

2022 Senior Market Schedule

What is food insecurity?

For more information on food insecurity, check out our blog posts Senior Hunger and Isolation Amidst COVID-19 or What is Food Insecurity?

Stats 2021

Pounds donated to the Utah Food Bank
Free Farm Stands hosted by GULB
Seniors Served at Free Farm Stands
Pounds Distributed at Senior Centers
Seniors participating at a free Farm Stand. In the front of the line, a senior in a yellow short sleeve shirt is selecting plums from a black bin. Next to them is a senior woman in a pink and white striped polo selecting apricots from a black bin. In the back of the line is a senior man in a grey striped polo selecting apples from a black bin and corn from red and blue buckets. All three seniors are placing their produce in blue plastic Toys-R-Us bags.