Small Farm Initiative

The Small Farm Initiative is an urban farmer training program that teaches people how to farm in urban spaces using sustainable growing practices and make money doing so.

Space-Intensive Vegetable Production

How It Works

Farm Apprenticeship & School

Our first year students engage in an 8.5 month farm apprenticeship that focuses on space intensive vegetable production. Our classes, held twice/week, teach students how to grow as much organic produce as possible in a small amount of space while using sustainable growing methods. 

Students engage in hands on learning while working our farm to provide produce for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Fees include classes taught by our instructors, the use of all farm tools, ongoing 1-on-1 mentoring, 5% share of produce grown on the farm, and in-field guidance from our Farm Manager.

Our Space Intensive Vegetable Production course begins the second week of February 2019 and finishes the last week of October 2019. Classes are held at our Community Farm and are 1.5 hours each. We will dive into various methods of organic gardening methods as well as the business aspects of running your own farm. In addition to attending classes, students are required to engage in 10 hours of hands on learning on the farm every week. This apprenticeship is a 13 hr a week commitment for 36 weeks. Instruction in aquaponics, orchard management, and animal husbandry are available for additional tuition.

To find out if you are a good fit for this course, please fill out the application linked below. One of our staff will contact you to schedule an interview.

Students who complete the first year Space Intensive Vegetable Production course will have an opportunity to cultivate their own 1/8 of an acre plot located on our farm. The use of tools and further one on one mentoring from our staff are included.

Space Intensive Vegetable Production course Cost: $1200 (Payment plans are available)

On-Farm Internship

This internship teaches participants how to grow a lot of organic produce in a small amount of space. Intern participants work a shared plot with a trained staff member at our community farm.

Internships begin the week of June 3rd and run for 10 weeks. Interns are required to be on the farm 5 hrs each week. You will learn the valuable skills needed to run a farm via hands on experience.

Successful participants will have the opportunity to continue their study as part of our farmer training program. Successful graduates will receive a $100 discount on the full training course.

Cost: $100 deposit (This fee is refundable when you complete all 50 hrs of your internship)

How to Support This Program

Purchase a CSA or Canner's CSA share.

Receive fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, and herbs all season long by purchasing a CSA share. The produce is grown on our Community Farm in South Salt Lake City by our farm staff, interns, and volunteers. In doing so, you are directly supporting our Small Farm Initiative and urban agriculture education in our community.