Fertilizing for Gardens and FruitShare Trees

Compost Tea

Fruit trees and gardens need nutrients to create quality fruit and maintain healthy growth. To provide plants with these nutrients, we apply a compost tea mixture that imparts microbial life into the soil and onto the foliage. Compost tea has many benefits, including improved plant growth and increased nutrient retention. 

Our compost tea is aerated to create a habitable environment for the beneficial microorganisms within, making its viability time-sensitive. Because of this, we are unable to schedule an exact time for the application. After you sign up for the service, we will schedule the date on which the compost tea will be applied and provide a window of time during which we will apply it. You do not need to be home during the application.

By fertilizing your tree or garden, you are growing better quality food for yourself and for those in need. Sign up below.

Because we apply compost tea at the base of plants, onto the soil surface, and directly onto the plant surface, the garden must be planted prior to us fertilizing.