Organic Cherry Pest Control | Western Cherry Fruit Fly

The most common pest afflicting both sour and sweet cherries in Utah is the western cherry fruit fly. Though cherries can still be eaten and/or processed with a minor presence of this pest, too much damage can render the fruit inedible and unable to be donated. 

As recommended by the University of Utah Extention for Organic Pest Control, we spray the fruit with:

  • Monterey Garden Insect Spray (spinosad): every 7 days

Once you purchase this service, we will be in contact about when you can regularly expect us to be spraying your tree. We estimate anywhere from 2-4 applications, depending on the tree’s speed of ripening this season.

Please note: We cannot guarantee this spray will eliminate all damage caused by the Western Cherry Fruit Flies. There are several reasons why pesticides might fail. Therefore, we offer this service for an extremely discounted rate. Due to our shared investment, we will not be able to offer a refund for this service after the spraying has begun. Thank you in advance for understanding.



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