Ark of Taste

Developed and maintained by the global Slow Food movement, Ark of Taste is a “living catalog of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction”. 

Their catalog showcases over 5,200 “edible treasures” throughout the world! Endangered, unique, heritage varieties, and/or foods and animals that “keep traditions alive” make up the list. This promotes biodiversity and small scale farm production. Both of which monocultures, global warming, and cultural erosion threaten every day.

There are a variety of seed companies that offer seeds that are on the Ark of Taste! You can find a list, and other information here.

In conclusion, as a small scale farm operation, we actively seek out crops from this list. What peaks my curiosity now, is that ANYONE can nominate a product to the list!

What delicious distinctive foods have you had that should be added to the list?