Fruit Tree Services

We offer the following services to homeowners registered in our FruitShare program with the understanding that they improve the health of trees, thus providing more and higher quality fruit to donate to hunger relief. Please only sign up for a service if your tree is registered and if you would like us to harvest it this season.

Service Package (Best Deal)

$250 / tree, $100 / each additional tree

This package deal includes the following services: pruning, fruit thinning, fertilizing, guaranteed harvesting, and fallen fruit pickup. We are offering this package as a way to increase our efficiency in harvesting so that we are able to donate higher quantities of food to those in need.

There is also an optional branch removal, which costs $60/load to cover transportation, labor, and the fee at the dump.

Pruning (January – March)

$100 / tree, $60 / each additional tree

We remove dead, damaged, and diseased wood, followed by suckers and water sprouts, and then crossing branches. Pruning can help encourage the growth of larger, higher quality fruit as well as make it easier and more efficient to harvest.

There is also an optional branch removal, which costs $60/load to cover transportation, labor, and the fee at the dump.

Compost Tea

Fertilizing (April/May)

$50 / tree, $10 / additional tree

We spray the trees with organic compost tea in the spring. Compost tea administers microbiology and nutrients into the soil which in turn, fertilize and improve the overall health of the fruit, trees, and soil.


Thinning (May)


Apples, pears, and peaches require thinning. These trees set more fruit than the tree can carry to harvest, so thinning the fruit early on can ensure that the remaining fruit grows to a large and healthy size, the trees are not stressed by a heavy crop load, and the trees can produce a quality fruit crop the next year.

Cherry Harvest

Organic Pest Control (May/June)


The most common pest afflicting both sour and sweet cherries in Utah is the western cherry fruit fly. Though cherries can still be eaten and/or processed with minor presence of this pest, too much damage can render the fruit inedible and unable to be donated. 

Cherry Harvesting Jenae (1)

Guaranteed Harvest (May – October)


While we do our best to harvest as many trees as possible, we are not able to guarantee that we will harvest every tree that is registered. If you would like to ensure that your tree gets harvested, you can sign up for the Guaranteed Harvest service by selecting that you wish to sponsor your own harvest on the scheduling page. We will harvest your tree within a few days of your notice that it is ready to be harvested.

Maile harvest pears

Harvesting (June – October)


Our harvest service is free! You schedule a time, we bring volunteers out to harvest your tree. The harvested fruit is split three ways: between the homeowner, the volunteers, and hunger relief. Fallen fruit must be picked up prior to the harvest, or we will charge $30 / tree for the fruit pick up.