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Photo by:  Megan Fehsenfeld

Photo by:  Megan Fehsenfeld

We are a not-for-profit program in Salt Lake City, UT, that focuses on issues pertaining to urban agriculture, sustainability and food security.

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Photo by: Kirstin Mosbruger

Photo by: Kirstin Mosbruger

The Green Urban Lunch Box runs numerous programs that utilize unused spaces to help provide food for vulnerable members of our community.

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Photo by: Shawn Peterson

Photo by: Shawn Peterson

None of the work that we do would be possible without our volunteers! Find out how you can get involved and give back to your community.

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Pear Citrus Jelly
from 7.00

All our Jams our small batch artisan jam made with only the finest ingredients. Each batch uses local fruit from our fruit share program and crafted by a team a chiefs right here in Salt Lake City. Each week we will feature a new jam available in limited qualities. There are only 24 of this weeks jams avalable.

This Jam is so smooth and sweet with just a hint of orange and lemons to round out the flavor. Buttery is often the word used to describe it. We keep the ingredients simple with just Pears, Brown Sugar, Oranges and Lemons. The pears in this jam came from an old orchard out in Murray. As always each jar we sell lets us donate 6 pounds of fruit to a local Food Bank.  

If you order the three pack we will send you A 16 oz pear jam( Pears & Cane Sugar) and a 16 oz Pear Turnover Filling ( Pears, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves)

The Green Urban Lunchbox revitalizes neglected space to provide food for our community. We work to helps people of all incomes have access to healthy food, using resources available in their communities. 

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